At the heart of our business are our coaches. Each one is passionate about coaching and their area of expertise. Each one must meet our high standards for experience, qualifications and ongoing professional development. 

  • Sean Whitaker

    Sean Whitaker

    Founder / Head Trainer / Coach

    Sean is one of the founders of Aalinian, and a passionate coach. He is driven by a life long love of learning and a curiosity about what’s possible for individuals wanting to make lasting changes and really flourish. Using proven coaching techniques that deliver real tangible results, Sean specialises in executive coaching, leadership and wellbeing.

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  • Rasa Whitaker

    Rasa Whitaker

    Founder / Creative Director / Coach

    Rasa works with people looking to utilize their strengths and learn to navigate their way through challenging situations. This includes identifying and working through anything blocking their progress, integrating lasting positive change and ultimately empowering them to succeed. As one of the founders of Aalinian, she specialises in executive coaching, personal development and loves to help build greater self awareness and see her clients truly thrive.

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  • Owen Woollaston

    Owen Woollaston

    Partner Coach

    Owen is a leadership and team coach with a passion for giving teams wings; an ICF certified NeuroLeadership coach and emotional intelligence assessor. He enjoys helping people into a calm, curious space and exploring opportunities for creative problem-solving. His own earthquake insurance ordeal has added a passion for health and wellness, and through his company Soft Skills, he recently formed a volunteer service with the aim of supporting our critical service providers through Covid times.

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  • Monika Barton

    Monika Barton

    Partner Coach

    Monika has been involved in coaching since 1998 and has been working on transformational and transactional changes with corporate clients of numerous organisations since. She holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coach Federation and works as a mentor-coach, also training internal coaches and managers in using coaching as an effective leadership style. Monika is passionate about helping people to gain confidence and inner strength in ever changing external environments, and work to become the best version of themselves.

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  • Verity Mace

    Verity Mace

    Partner Coach & Coaching Trainer

    Verity has been active coaching world since 2009 and champions a playful, engaging, exploratory and generous coaching experience. CTI Trained and Certified she brings with her experience and knowledge from a pioneer and industry leader in coach training. Verity is ACC accredited, and mentor coach trained.

    A passionate advocate for curiosity and compassion she specialises in strengths and values based coaching. Areas of coaching expertise include critical self-awareness, emotional intelligence/fluency, transitions, and career development.

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