We’re excited to partner with you

Our name Aalinian, means ‘to align’, and that is our mission – to align your vision and goals, and enable your progress towards them through coaching and coach training. We are a family run company based in New Zealand, that understand the enormous value coaching can offer, whether you are here as a client or wanting to enhance your own personal and professional development through learning coaching tools and techniques. 

We offer many services, but at our core our goal is to connect with likeminded individuals, to create and foster greater self awareness, enable better communication and relationships, and allow people to realise their full potential. We are affiliated with both the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the International Association of Coaching (IAC).

We are passionate about coaching individuals and teams to realise their vision, take charge and be the best they can be. Through our website you will find a selection of coaches we partner with who offer powerful connection and warmth, and excel in a number of different fields, to ensure you are able to find the right coach for your specific needs.

Being a part of the coaching industry is incredibly rewarding, and to allow and encourage people to enter this environment, we provide world class coach training. You may have dreams of working as a practitioner, or you may purely be curious to learn more about coaching – our courses ensure that you are provided with all the information necessary, and are fully prepared to be the best coach you can be, so you are able to enter the world of personal development with solid grounding.

Thank you for seeking us out, we look forward to meeting you – this is just the beginning.

We believe in

+ Self Awareness

+ Wellbeing

+ True Leadership

+ Connection